• Donors are matched to couples according to their physical characteristics and blood type in order to achieve the best results.

  • It can be challenging to decide whether to undergo donor IVF. To ensure the couple’s confidence throughout their treatment

  • Our team provides complete support at every step.

  • A donor sample can be used in an IVF cycle or in an IUI cycle, whether stimulated or unstimulated

  • We match the samples carefully with the patients based on physical characteristics and blood typing for optimum results.

Diagnostic tests DONOR EGG & SPERM


  • After a thorough discussion with the couple, eggs are sourced from registered government agencies. Both partners’ blood groups and physical characteristics are taken into account when matching donors with couples.


  • A licensed, registered sperm bank collects and stores donor sperm samples after thorough screening, and any risks of disease transmission are eliminated while the samples remain in quarantine. Before being used in fertility treatments, the sperm sample is frozen for six months.


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